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Hidden dangers and solutions of plush toys in the car Publisher:管理员           Release Time: 2018-01-16

Plush toys are not only patent of children, adults we face their lovely appearance and soft touch, will still love.

Young women car owners in order to give his car to create a lovely warm environment, all love beautiful lovely Plush ornaments hanging in the car, or is placed in every kind of their favorite plush toys in the car. But this is actually there is a big misunderstanding, because if these plush plush toys and ornaments placed position is not correct, there is a big security risk, these need our owners can have enough understanding, avoid the hidden danger.

First, the existence of security risks and Prevention

Many owners are below the mirror in his car after love hanging some plush ornaments, but in the driving process, because the ornaments vibrations will back and forth shaking, caused a certain degree of interference on the driver's line of sight. Here, to remind the majority of owners, try not to be located at the bottom of the mirror hanging ornaments, if it is out of love, to try to choose some small size, not too long chain ornaments, avoid excessive interference on the line of sight. The car toy placement also want to pay attention to, so as not to be placed in the rear position, the driver behind the rearview mirror to observe effects of the vehicle or vehicle, try not to be in his car to put oversized plush toys.

Two, the existence of health risks and Prevention

The car belongs to the closed space, so the air circulation is generally poor, some owners also used to sleep in the car smoking, although most owners will open the window ventilation, but in hot summer and cold winter, people basically rarely window ventilation, diffusion of smoke and dust will be in the car, falling to the toy body for a long time, it will breed bacteria, bring bad influence to our health. In the majority of owners in the car, try not to put or put less plush toys, plush toy car to carry out regular cleaning, at least often the plush toys get sunny place to dry in the sun, for a long time, the plush must be clean, avoid these lovely plush toys become our health killer.

Hope that the above two points of attention and preventive measures to the majority of owners to help create a good driving environment.