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Plush toys how to wash? Proper cleaning cloth Publisher:管理员           Release Time: 2018-01-16

Many girls love holding a soft plush toys, plush toys, but easily dirty, if a few hundred dollars new there seems to be a waste, but wash, if the wrong way, a lovely doll is likely to become a "dead baby", today Xiaobian teach you how to correct the cleaning of plush toys, not only can guarantee the toys clean, but also can ensure the deformation of toys.

Hand wash

Prepare the basin filled with water, stirring until completely dissolved into the cleaning agent, the plush toys into hand squeeze make cleaning agent into, after the sewage drained the flames with water rinse, to clean dry cloth wrapped stuffed toys a few minutes, the water absorption part, then dried, or let the sun the bath is also a good way.


Cleaning plush toys, detergent and some water into the basin to join, according to a certain proportion, with the general soft brush stirred the pot of water, stir a rich foam, and then use a soft brush with a plush toy bubble will brush the surface of clean, must pay attention to the brush do not dip too much water. Brush clean plush toys with a towel wrapped after the surface of plush toys, put it into a basin filled with water pressure washing, it can clean the dust in the washing liquid and plush toys. Then the plush toys put proper soak softener in the basin a few minutes, then washed several times in the middle basin filled with water, until the water in the basin by turbidity becomes clear. Clean the plush toy still with a towel wrapped into the washing machine, dehydrated by plastic and plush toys after combing ventilated place to dry, so your plush toys will be like new again.


Use a soft sponge or a clean dry cloth dipped in neutral detergent diluted with water to clean the surface, after the wipe can be.

Dry cleaning

More and more small toys, fluffy, but cleaning up is not convenient, especially some sound. You can buy edible soda in the pharmacy or chemical store, and rub the depth in the plush toys, until no longer soda black, plush toys will immediately become clean, even if young children lick do not worry, because the use of a food grade dry cleaning agent".