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Baby why destroy toys Publisher:管理员           Release Time: 2018-01-16

Why do babies like to destroy toys?

Mom: every day @ every day will not always cherish their own toys! Yesterday dad just bought him a car at night, he was hit on the wall broken into two parts, one hundred yuan ocean so fly, I look so distressed, he really wanted to draw a few.

@ Mom: my home into a noisy toy also few is good, I felt pity, but don't blame him too. Because I found a lot of children seem to have such a tendency, but the degree is not the same. I don't know baby.

@hdnak: recently found my love Andy and toys, home without a car is good, but my husband is very happy, said to be intellectually stimulating, exercise ability.

[baby love breaking toys in the end is what].

Most of the damage is in the exploration

Failure is a kind of toy called adults from their own point of view on children playing with toys such behavior, if we understand the reasons behind the child's behavior, you will find that in fact the child's behavior sometimes can not be used to define the "destruction". Because the damage is usually intentional intentional damage, but many children broke the toy actually because they are exploring.

For children, they do not have relatively mature language skills, when they are on a curious thing, he does not have the ability to ask you: "Mom, this why?" so I can only express his curious behavior.

In particular, some of the more high-tech toys, their design is usually very delicate and complex, such as an electronic puppy. It will be designed to wrap up vocal parts, children get will be curious: why would it move? Why would it sound? When he couldn't see the sound position, he will go down, because he wants to understand what happened. In fact, he is in the body to express his inner desire to explore things, such behavior in the eyes of adults is likely to be understood as a destruction. For the baby, if he has a language, he may be in other ways to communicate with adults to meet their desire to explore.

So, if you find your baby in the "destruction" of toys, do not abuse, but must be very patient to explain, and children to communicate, he wanted to know