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Children's toys. Milk should be regularly disinfected Publisher:管理员           Release Time: 2018-01-16

As the temperature gradually increased, Shenyang will enter the HFMD epidemic period, parents should pay attention to HFMD "four characteristics", namely, pain, itching, rash, no scar scar.

Hand foot and mouth disease can occur a year

Common in May ~8 month

Recently, Shenyang although the temperature fluctuated, but the overall temperature gradually increased gradually with the arrival of wet and hot environment, all kinds of virus and bacteria growth accelerated, also let the spring into a variety of high incidence of infectious diseases among children with HFMD see more.

The clinic director Zhang Zhiyu infected Sixth People's Hospital of Shenyang City, a year may be the pathogenesis of HFMD, but common in 5~8 months, the peak incidence occurred in 6~7 months, if Shenyang temperature gradually rose, means that Shenyang will enter the high incidence of foot and mouth disease. Hand foot mouth disease often occurs in preschool children, the highest incidence of infants under 3 years of age. Hand foot and mouth disease is a self-healing disease, more than a week after the recovery, the vast majority of children after the better, a small number of children, especially children under 3 years of age are prone to complications, severe cases can lead to death.

Adults may also be infected with hand, foot and mouth disease, under normal circumstances are caused by children with hand, foot and mouth disease.

Rash symptoms: no pain, no itching, no scar, no scar

Foot and mouth disease incubation period is generally 2~7 days, no obvious prodromal symptoms, most patients with sudden onset, most mild symptoms, with fever and hand, foot and mouth, hip four were rash or herpes as the main feature, it is easy to confuse with eczema, diseases such as measles.

The doctor reminds, judge HFMD can refer to "grotesque" "four features" symptoms. "Grotesque" refers to HFMD rash like mosquito bites, like drug rash, oral herpes, not unlike gum varicella; "four characteristics" refers to the rash and pain, itch, crusting, no scar. In addition, HFMD patients due to oral herpes broken cause masticatory pain, and Antifeedant, slobber. In addition, hand foot and mouth rash, will have systemic symptoms such as low fever, mild cough, runny nose, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, headache and other symptoms.

Children should cut nails so as not to scratch the skin rash

If the situation of children with hand foot mouth disease is good, the daily life is not affected, parents need not too nervous, but the need for timely treatment.

Sick children, first of all to isolation, nursing parents should pay attention to disinfection and isolation, to avoid cross infection, and for the children's clothing for drying or disinfection, disinfection of faeces from children with timely, regular indoor ventilation window, keep the air circulation.

When the disease, note the clipped nails, if it is necessary to wrap the baby in his hands, to avoid scratching the rash; rash of hand and foot early can be coated with Calamine Lotion, to form herpes or herpes ulceration can be coated with 0.5% iodophor; buttocks rash baby should always clean the toilet clean, keep the hips dry. Once the child has a sudden onset of high fever or confusion, lethargy, muscle twitches, or difficulty breathing, should immediately send their children to the hospital.

It is worth noting that hand foot and mouth disease is not a lifetime can be immune, can be repeated infection.

- Tips

Children's milk with boiling water

Cook for 3 minutes

The prevention of foot and mouth disease, should pay attention to before and after meals, go out to use soap or hand wash to the children wash their hands, do not let children drink water, eat cold food; eat more vegetables and fruits, pay attention to nutrition collocation, sleep, plenty of sunshine, enhance the immunity.

At the same time, should pay attention to disinfection of children's products, disinfection methods: pacifiers, bottles, tableware, towels and other items with more than 50 DEG C hot water for 30 minutes or 3 minutes of boiling; pollution of toys, furniture and clothing, the use of chlorine disinfectants (84 disinfectant or bleach) by the use of cleaning every day; children sputum, saliva and faeces, wipe all the best into the amount of disinfectant, disinfectant mixing and then thrown into the toilet.

During the epidemic period of hand foot and mouth disease, it is necessary to avoid public places with children gathered in the crowd and poor air circulation. Keep the family health, regular ventilation, ground drying clothing.