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Let the baby away from dangerous toys Publisher:管理员           Release Time: 2018-01-16

I believe every baby's room has a lot of fun toys, but you know? Some toys are very dangerous for children. Experts advise, be sure to let your baby away from dangerous toys.

High pressure water gun toy power

Summer comes, let the child away from the high pressure water gun toy. Our city children's rehabilitation expert Ma Jianliang pointed out that the advent of summer, many children became enthusiastic about gun toys, but some high pressure water gun toys too powerful, can be instantly penetrated the newspaper. For children, they have no sense of danger, easily in the process of playing hurt yourself or buddy.

Walker Yizhi "O leg"

When the baby is six or seven months old, many parents will choose to buy a baby walker, experts remind you, do not use walker to help children learn. The baby walker net placed between the legs, causing children in the walker can naturally stand up straight, easily lead to "O leg". Station, walk, run, jump, is ripe with child development of things, not by these tools out of school. A lot of six or seven months of the baby simply will not help their own stations, parents were placed in the walker, it is easy to cause bone damage to the legs and spine.

Plush toys should be carefully selected

Many babies like plush toys, in fact, plush toys for the baby is also a great risk. Children often sleep with plush toys plush toys will take hold, biting play, are likely to produce respiratory tract infections and other diseases, can also cause severe bronchospasm, cough and even asthma, some children will appear eczema and other skin allergies. In addition, some plush toys eyes, nose, buttons, etc., are glued to the toy, often appear to be swallowed by the child's stomach in the dangerous situation. Therefore, parents in the purchase of plush toys, in addition to the need to pick out the fine, but also on a regular basis to clean and disinfect plush toys, in order to eliminate security risks.

How to choose toys

So, how to choose a suitable and safe toys for the baby? Experts suggest that the selection of toys for the baby to pick a certificate, in line with the relevant national standards of brand toys. In the selection of toys for infants and young children, it is necessary to strictly check their parts, but also pay attention to the particles can not be too small to prevent the baby mistakenly swallowed.

Parents should learn to look at toys when choosing toys. In the toy packaging, there will be some detailed safety warnings, such as "age: 3 years of age," there are small accessories, please use "supervised" to prevent the eye, nose, toy buttons and other accessories swallowed by children ". Toy instructions for toy material, game method and precautions are also clearly marked, parents should be good security clearance at the time of purchase, in the baby toys to patient care, eliminate safety hazards, health care of the baby.